Most common mistakes every cat owner makes

Most cats, and sometimes kittens, are exceptionally attractive. People are instantly fascinated by this creature and, with no hesitation, become the owner of a cat. New cat owners often face the same problem of making a purchase spontaneously.

1. Do not take into account the cost of keeping the cat.

If you want a cat, decide in advance if you can afford the pet financially. It all starts with cat food. Many cat owners save money and buy cheap food at the supermarket. The ingredients it contains usually have nothing to do with a healthy diet and often lead to medical situations that demand veterinary attention.

Another point that is often overlooked is the veterinarian. Cats can also get sick and need to be vaccinated as well. It is recommended that you talk to your veterinarian once before purchasing to inquire about possible costs. In addition, the new cat should be taken to the veterinarian to see everything himself.

2. Forget about cleaning the tray on a regular basis.

Cats love tidiness and will only go to their litter box. However, a prerequisite for this is regular, i.e. daily, cleansing of the litter box. The cat will not use a dirty toilet, and the result can be seen on the carpet, tiles, or elsewhere in the apartment.

3. Do not trim the claws

Cats should be able to sharpen their claws. For example, on the street, they do it in the trees. If the cat is not on the street, she needs to be provided with a cat rack on which she can gnash her claws. If she does not have the opportunity, she will spoil the furniture. And when the claws are too long, they will have to be shortened, and the cat is unlikely to put up with it.

4. Too frequent feeding

Are you serious about this and make sure your food bowl is always full? Sooner or later, this leads to obesity, including health consequences. The cat does not need to be constantly fed.

She can get used to determined times for each meal. If you are unsure of how much your cat should weigh and how much food she can get on a daily basis, you should consult your veterinarian.

5. Treatment with pills for people

Some cat owners believe that what helps people should also help the cat. However, human medications are not meant for cats. For example, the pain relievers aspirin and acetaminophen are toxic to cats. If your cat is sick, you should not reach for your first aid kit, do not forget to consult your veterinarian.

6. Signs of illness are ignored and misinterpreted.

The cat nibbles sluggishly and leaves the bowl almost full. The owner thinks that the only reason his pet stops touching food is the desire for other food. However, this can be a sign of a serious medical condition, especially if the cat usually has no problems.

7. “My cat won’t run away!”

Cats usually walk within a specific radius, but no one can guarantee that. A playful cat is distracted by something interesting and may get lost. The cat can always disappear. You need to keep a close eye on your animal.

Be sure to read articles on how to care for a cat, how to feed, how to treat and educate. Only by analyzing all the information and talking to your veterinarian can you have a pet that you can take care of. Remember that we are responsible for those we have tamed!

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