Tips for staying in a good exercise routine while holiday season

It’s getting dark and cold out there. November brings not only the first snow, but also the deep desire to turn off my alarm and snuggle back under the covers. We are hungrier, and disappointingly less interested in exercise. This usually commences around Halloween, and ends in January. The combination of the hibernation/bulk-up-for-survival instinct, the cold and dark, and the holidays full of treats can create a perfect storm of inactivity.

The problem is not only the weight gain, it is also that psychologically this is a time when we need physical activity the most. We need it to stave off the blues that often come with less light, and to help us deal with the stress and less-than-stellar eating of the holiday season.

So, here are some tips for staying in a good exercise routine this holiday season – for the health of your body and your mind.

Schedule it – do it!

On Sunday, schedule your workout into your calendar for the rest of the week. Schedule it as you would an important appointment. This helps to reduce the chance that you won’t have time to fit it in. Find classes that work for your schedule, and then instill in yourself a “no-cancellation-no-matter-what” policy. Work with your nature, not against it. Plan physical activity for times of the day when you tend to feel more energetic — or at least not quite so lazy.

Enlist the help of friends, family, and instructors

Exercise with friends, relatives, neighbors or co-workers. You’ll enjoy the support and the camaraderie. Also, let your regular class instructors know that you’d like them to help hold you accountable – if you are signed up for a class and don’t show up, you want to hear about it from them!

Choose activities you enjoy

You’ll be more likely to stay interested. Remember, anything that gets you moving counts.

If you don’t feel like it, fake it

Get your workout clothes on and go to the gym. Tell yourself you only have to do 5 minutes of exercise once you get there, but you’re going (more often than not, when you get there you’ll do a longer workout).

“Fall down seven times, stand up eight” (Japanese Proverb)

If you miss a day or more, the best thing to do is get back to it rather than staying in a rut of inactivity. Staying active as it gets colder and darker will help your mood and your health. Commit to making it happen as we head into blustery November!

Five Tips for Pushing Thru a Tough Day at Work

Does your workday seem to be dragging on and on? Do you feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel? If so, we have five tips that can help push thru a tough day. First, it is important to be physically prepared for your hard day. Make sure you exercise during the week and eat healthy food.

Next, mentally prepare yourself by avoiding negative media outlets before work and practicing positive thinking techniques such as meditation or visualization. Finally, make sure to take care of yourself with proper sleep habits and personal time off from work!

Getting up early will help that lasts throughout your work

If you are struggling to stay awake during the day, consider getting up early and going for a run. This will give you the energy that will help you get through your workday.

Don’t worry! You can easily overcome this by practicing. Even if it takes time, with a practice day after day you will improve and feel more confident about your abilities.

Having an extra 30 minutes of free time to relax for the day will help you improve your mood throughout the workday.

Hydrate and stay energized

Water is essential for your body to function, so drinking it throughout the day can help keep you hydrated and energized.

Try to consume at least one glass of water every hour. This will help keep you refreshed and focused on your work.

Dress comfortably to feel at ease

Comfortable clothes can help you feel at ease all day. Dress in layers, wear comfortable shoes, and avoid tight pants to stay sane during your workday.

Don’t forget to look after yourself! Make sure that when the end of the day comes around you can switch off from work by taking care of yourself with personal time or activities.

Stress, clarity, and anxiety are reduced by deep breathing

It is wonderful how just some breathing can have such a positive impact on your mood.

Inhale deeply and count to three as you breathe in, hold it for one second, then exhale slowly until you reach the number three again. Repeat this five times every day! It will help reduce stress, clarity, and anxiety.

It’s easy to push thru a tough day at work when you have these five tips to help.

Do not forget to take care of yourself with personal time or activities! You must be able to switch off from work so your mind can recharge for the next day ahead.

Strive to achieve an achievable goal every day

If your goal is to make it through the workday, set a small and achievable goal for yourself every hour. Whether it’s getting one more client or finishing your email by 11:30 am; setting an achievable objective will keep you motivated throughout the day.

Instead of going into work and figuring out how you’re going to deal with a particular client or finish up your report, have a clear plan for your day. Having that extra hour in the morning to map out your schedule will help keep you on track throughout the day.


If your goal is to make it through the workday, set a small and achievable goal for yourself every hour. Whether it’s getting one more client or finishing your email by 11:30 am; setting an achievable objective will keep you motivated throughout the day.

Instead of going into work and figuring out how you’re going to deal with a particular client or finish up your report, have a clear plan for your day. Having that extra hour in the morning to map out your schedule will help keep you on track throughout the day.

Eating good food is important when it comes to being physically healthy! Eating foods with high nutritional value is key when you’re trying to stay focused and energized at work.

If it’s possible, try to pack your lunch; but if you don’t have time in the morning, make sure to stop by somewhere that serves healthy food! If all else fails, find a salad bar or sandwich shop close by and grab something on the go. You can even get a friend to go with you and split a meal if it’s too difficult for you to eat alone.

Having good snacks on hand will also help when the mid-afternoon slump hits! Try having an apple, banana, or some almonds around in case your blood sugar levels drop.

Most common mistakes every cat owner makes

Most cats, and sometimes kittens, are exceptionally attractive. People are instantly fascinated by this creature and, with no hesitation, become the owner of a cat. New cat owners often face the same problem of making a purchase spontaneously.

1. Do not take into account the cost of keeping the cat.

If you want a cat, decide in advance if you can afford the pet financially. It all starts with cat food. Many cat owners save money and buy cheap food at the supermarket. The ingredients it contains usually have nothing to do with a healthy diet and often lead to medical situations that demand veterinary attention.

Another point that is often overlooked is the veterinarian. Cats can also get sick and need to be vaccinated as well. It is recommended that you talk to your veterinarian once before purchasing to inquire about possible costs. In addition, the new cat should be taken to the veterinarian to see everything himself.

2. Forget about cleaning the tray on a regular basis.

Cats love tidiness and will only go to their litter box. However, a prerequisite for this is regular, i.e. daily, cleansing of the litter box. The cat will not use a dirty toilet, and the result can be seen on the carpet, tiles, or elsewhere in the apartment.

3. Do not trim the claws

Cats should be able to sharpen their claws. For example, on the street, they do it in the trees. If the cat is not on the street, she needs to be provided with a cat rack on which she can gnash her claws. If she does not have the opportunity, she will spoil the furniture. And when the claws are too long, they will have to be shortened, and the cat is unlikely to put up with it.

4. Too frequent feeding

Are you serious about this and make sure your food bowl is always full? Sooner or later, this leads to obesity, including health consequences. The cat does not need to be constantly fed.

She can get used to determined times for each meal. If you are unsure of how much your cat should weigh and how much food she can get on a daily basis, you should consult your veterinarian.

5. Treatment with pills for people

Some cat owners believe that what helps people should also help the cat. However, human medications are not meant for cats. For example, the pain relievers aspirin and acetaminophen are toxic to cats. If your cat is sick, you should not reach for your first aid kit, do not forget to consult your veterinarian.

6. Signs of illness are ignored and misinterpreted.

The cat nibbles sluggishly and leaves the bowl almost full. The owner thinks that the only reason his pet stops touching food is the desire for other food. However, this can be a sign of a serious medical condition, especially if the cat usually has no problems.

7. “My cat won’t run away!”

Cats usually walk within a specific radius, but no one can guarantee that. A playful cat is distracted by something interesting and may get lost. The cat can always disappear. You need to keep a close eye on your animal.

Be sure to read articles on how to care for a cat, how to feed, how to treat and educate. Only by analyzing all the information and talking to your veterinarian can you have a pet that you can take care of. Remember that we are responsible for those we have tamed!

5 minimalist décor ideas for the winter holidays

If you prefer minimalist style for your home, you are certainly not alone. Although minimalism has been around for quite some time now, it is still very much in vogue today and does not seem to lose its popularity anytime soon now. However, as the winter holidays approach, many of us crave to add more festivity and colors to our monochrome clean-lined spaces. But how do you do that? After all, minimalism and Christmas décor don’t go that well together—right? Actually, wrong! A minimalist home can absolutely be spruced up for the winter holidays. Here are some of the ways for you to do it.

1. Winter branches

Winter branches make great Christmas decorations. You can buy them at the store, but better yet, go for a long walk and forage some yourself. Pick the ones you like and cut the needed length. Dry them carefully before putting the branches into a glass vase to make a gorgeous table centerpiece. You can also spray some white or silver paint over them for a frozen look.

Another option is to hang the branches with ornaments and LED lights. Don’t overdo it though. Remember to keep it as simple as possible.

2. Monochrome ornaments

One cannot imagine the winter holidays without decorating a Christmas tree. Unfortunately, colorful and festive ornaments don’t always go well with minimalist environments. The solution to this problem is quite simple. Choose monochrome decorations! White or silver glass ball ornaments are beautiful and elegant. They will give your Christmas tree a subtle yet sophisticated look. Remember that minimalism puts timeless simplicity and quality over fashion and quantity, so do invest in some quality glass ornaments, too. These will last you for years!

3. Make use of candles and candleholders

Nothing creates a holiday atmosphere better than the flickering light of candles. It will turn even the most ordinary living room into a magical and cozy wonderland. To stay true to your minimalist aesthetic choose white candles and simple glass candleholders. Use them to decorate your Christmas table or combine them with pine branches to style your shelves and mantelpiece.

4. Decorate your Christmas table in a monochrome color scheme

Monochrome and minimalism often go hand in hand, so make use of that when decorating your space for the winter holidays. For instance, a grey tablecloth and white tableware will look elegant combined with an accent centerpiece made of green pine branches. A black and white table setting will also create a beautiful and stylish contrast.

5. Christmas tree alternatives

Not a fan of Christmas trees? Or do you find them out of place in your minimalist living room? There’s an interesting DIY alternative you can try instead. Create a small pine forest on your bookshelf, table, or on top of your mantelpiece. Cut a few triangular shapes out of a piece of cardboard or wood. Fashion them to look more like pine trees by making a few small symmetrical notches on both sides. With acrylic paint, color your wooden trees green, white, and blue. This abstract decoration will give your living room a wintery feel, but will not interfere with its clean minimalist look.